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2019 - Classroom Library Bin — GR K

Classroom Library Bin — GR K

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Develop a strong Classroom Library. Each bin contains a range of 50 carefully curated, grade level appropriate paperbacks; 40% Fiction, 60% Non-fiction; bonus workbooks, eBooks, and bin included in the kit. All titles have a Teacher Note (lesson plan) and reproducible activity available.

Titles Include:

Left Or Right • Teeth • Who Do I Look Like? • What Is An Attribute? • Counting by Ones • Even Or Odd • Half Or Whole? • Circles and Rectangles • Run, Swim, Fly • Solid Or Liquid? • Blue and Yellow in Summer • Red and Green in Spring • Stop and Go, Fast and Slow • Looking At Landforms • What's in a... Tree? • What's in a... Cactus? • Where Is It? • How Do Animals Use... Their Flippers? • Our Senses • Getting Your Zzzzs • Get Moving • Favorite Games • What Friends Do • Being Responsible • Alike and Different • Who Makes Rules? • What Makes a Family? • Brush Your Teeth! • Building a House • Buff Ducks • Bedtime Battles • Numbers in the Classroom • My Great Body • What Is This? • A Trip to Grandma's House • The Family Photo • Trick or Treat • Cleaning Day • We Have a Box • What Can I Make? • Where is My Eraser? • Summer Fruits • What Do You See? • It's Too Noisy! • My Routine • A Year of Fun • Messy Spaghetti • Where is Santa? • Not Yet! • Sarah's Day in Kindergarten


ISBN 9781643692821
Languages English
Interest Level k
Guided Reading Level A—G
Author Rourke Educational Media

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