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2019 - Classroom Library Bin — GR 5

Classroom Library Bin — GR 5

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Develop a strong Classroom Library. Each bin contains a range of 50 carefully curated, grade level appropriate paperbacks; 40% Fiction, 60% Non-fiction; bonus workbooks, eBooks, and bin included in the kit. All titles have a Teacher Note (lesson plan) and reproducible activity available.

Titles Include:

Volcanoes • Homeland Security • Fright at the Museum • Phantom at the Funhouse • Spook in the Stacks • The Creepy Cathedral • Do Robots Get Space Sick? • Space Face Off • The Aerial Maneuver • Jet-Pack Dreams • The Venusian Squeeze • Under the Alien Ice • Gross Places • A Thousand Miles • Mayflower Girl • Rockefeller Caper • Tall Tales of Jenny Gold • War Torn • Flames of Freedom • Girl in the Hay • A Time for Change • Not On My Watch • Cursed Journey of the Peculiar Bentleys • Hypothesis, Theory, Law • It's Electric! Currents • Using the Scientific Method • Waves of Light and Sound • Infections, Infestations, and Diseases • Microworlds • Understanding Biomes • You Can't Wear These Genes • Environmental Disasters • Rot and Decay • Turn On The Light • Using Scientific Tools • Rocks, Minerals, and Soil • Forces and Motion At Work • Analyze This • The Wonderful Water Cycle • I Look Like My Mother • STEAM Guides in APP Development • STEAM Guides in TV Production • STEM Guides To Calculating Time • STEMGuides To Maps • STEMGuides To Sports • STEM Jobs in Fashion and Beauty • STEM Jobs in Movies • STEM Jobs in Sports • Ford Mustang • Tesla Model S


ISBN 9781643692876
Languages English
Interest Level 5
Guided Reading Level m—w
Author Rourke Educational Media

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