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Hadrosaurus - Booklist Review - October 2019

Hadrosaurus - Booklist Review - October 2019

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In 1858, the Hadrosaurus foulkii unearthed in New Jersey gained worldwide fame for being the most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found (at the time) and the first to be mounted (standing) for display. This volume in the North American Dinosaurs series (6 titles) pulls readers in with a narrative account of William Parker Foulke’s discovery of the duck-billed dino skeleton. Readers get a feel for how scientists piece together information and continually revise their opinions in response to new discoveries, such as with hadrosaur’s skull shape. Photos of dinosaur fossils and museum displays, digital renderings, and infographics illustrate this introductory text, flanked by reading tips, text-dependent questions, and an extension activity. The writing is slightly uneven, but on the whole this is an interesting look at a dinosaur worth knowing.

— Julia Smith, Booklist, October 2019


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