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Daring and Dangerous - Booklist Review - June 2019

Daring and Dangerous - Booklist Review - June 2019

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With short, direct sentences and real-world examples, the volumes in the Daring and Dangerous series introduce reluctant or struggling readers to the high-interest topics of treacherous jobs and activities. Auto Racers focuses on the high number of accidents—and frequent fatalities—that befall race-car drivers; the many names included in the short text may cause some reader confusion. Sky Jumpers examines the people who jump out of planes, both professionally (Navy SEALS, smoke jumpers) or recreationally (BASE jumpers, skydivers). A variety of extreme weather events are on display in Storm Chasers, which shows how the tools people use to follow and document storms has changed over the years. Film stunt actors are front and center in Stunt Performers, although artists outside of the movie industry are highlighted as well; the text takes a moment to highlight actors who have performed their own stunts, as well as those who have died performing dangerous tricks. Vocabulary words are noted and defined in-text, and each volume contains an ending picture memory game, which helps reinforce the text. The intriguing subject matter will pique interest, while a beginning reading guide, ending questions, and glossy photos throughout will help keep readers engaged.

—Maggie Reagan, Booklist, June 2019


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