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Creatures of Ancient Seas - Booklist Review April 2021

Creatures of Ancient Seas - Booklist Review April 2021

Posted by Rourke Educational Media Admin on

Kids who have torn through dinosaur books are the ideal audience for this introduction to prehistoric sea creatures, part of the Mega-Cool Megafauna series (4 titles). Photos of fossils and illustrations of aquatic megafauna (almost all labeled) fill the splashy pages of this volume, and the array of creatures is impressive: beyond the typical plesiosaur and megalodon, this book also profiles ancient sea cows, whales, fish, and turtles that dwarf their contemporary descendants. Occasionally, the layout makes the text a bit hard to follow, and readers might need some adult help with a few confusing descriptions, but the high-interest topic and eyecatching artwork of giant animals in action will find plenty of fans. A relative-sizes chart in the back matter helps put things into perspective, and follow-up questions will help aid reading comprehension.




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