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Careers in the US Military - Booklist Review April 2021

Careers in the US Military - Booklist Review April 2021

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Serving in the military can extend beyond the realm of combat to many possible career paths. Grouped into broad categories, the volumes in the Careers in the US Military series reveal the wide range of aptitudes and jobs needed to keep the five branches of the military running successfully. Each book begins with a brief overview of the career type and continues with the specialized skills, training, and duties associated with five specific jobs in that area. Accompanying the accessible, upbeat text are numerous large photos of military members in action. They reflect a diverse workforce that includes women and people of color. Medical Workers highlights some of the unique environments in which health care workers assist patients, such as the Aeromedical Evacuation Team, which is an emergency-room team in the air. Research Professionals focuses on jobs that collect and analyze data, whether in laboratories, top-secret research sites, historical records, or during surveillance missions. Service Providers looks at the necessity of jobs that provide food, fun, fitness, and hospitality as well as mortuary affairs. Tradespeople emphasizes that specialized jobs, like civil engineering, law enforcement, and transportation specialists, can also translate to career paths outside of the military. Glossary definitions within the text, boxed information, and concluding activities extend comprehension and interest. A solid series for career exploration.




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