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2019 - Ready Readers Spanish and English Fiction

Ready Readers Spanish and English Fiction

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25 early Fiction readers in Spanish matched with the same 25 titles in English create an excellent Dual Language classroom collection. "Bookends" include before and after reading activities. Non-fiction titles stress academic vocabulary, includes a photo glossary. Bonus workbooks and the bin are included in the kit. Each title has available a Teacher Note (lesson plan), with assessment questions and reproducible activity. Diversity of characters.

Titles Include:

¡Es muy ruidoso! (It's Too Noisy!) • ¿Qué es esto? (What Is This?) • El barrio de Johnny (Johnny's Neighborhood) • Lo que quiero ser (What I Want to Be) • Mi cuerpo genial (My Great Body) • Mi rutina (My Routine) • El viaje de acampada de Billy (Billy's Camping Trip) • La foto familiar (The Family Photo) • La mascota perfecta (The Perfect Pet) • Un año de diversión (A Year of Fun) • Un largo paseo en auto (A Long Car Ride) • Un viaje a la casa de la abuela (A Trip to Grandma's House) • ¿A dónde quieres viajar? (Where Do You Want to Travel?) • Comiendo alrededor del mundo (Eating Around the World) • Dulce o truco (Trick or Treat) • El museo de los dinosaurios (The Dinosaur Museum) • La caza del tesoro (Treasure Hunt) • Yendo al zoológico (Going to the Zoo) • ¡Podemos reutilizarlo! (We Can Reuse It!) • Ahorrando agua (Saving Water) • El lío de los espaguetis (Messy Spaghetti) • Luz roja, luz verde (Red Light, Green Light) • Polvo en todas partes (Dust Everywhere) • Wally y Molly van a la playa (Wally and Molly Go to the Beach) • ¿Cómo llegamos a la Luna? (How Do We Get to the Moon?) • Eating Around the World • Going to the Zoo • The Dinosaur Museum • Treasure Hunt • Trick or Treat • Where Do You Want to Travel? • Dust Everywhere • Messy Spaghetti • Red Light, Green Light • Saving Water • Wally and Molly Go to the Beach • We Can Reuse It! • A Long Car Ride • A Trip to Grandma's House • A Year of Fun • Billy's Camping Trip • The Family Photo • The Perfect Pet • It's Too Noisy!• Johnny's Neighborhood • My Great Body • My Routine • What I Want to Be • What Is This? • How Do We Get to the Moon?


ISBN 9781643696133
Languages English spanish
Interest Level pre k-2
Author Rourke Educational Media

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