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Next Generation Resource Bin - Third Grade English

Next Generation Resource Bin - Third Grade English

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This bin includes: 24 English language books, Teacher's User Guide, Graphic Organizers, Teacher Notes for each book with activities, Science Projects for each lesson, Journal Activities for each lesson, Pre- and Post Tests, Correlations to the Next Generation Science Standards

Pull It, Push It! • How Can I Experiment with Force and Motion? • How Can I Experiment with Electricity? • Using Scientific Tools • Life Cycles: Sunflowers • Life Cycles of Butterflies and Moths • How Ecosystems Work • Why Plants Become Extinct • Plants Out of Place • I Look Like My Mother • Biodiversity • Animal Invaders • Animal Science • Fossils and Rocks • Hurricanes • Perfect Predators • Let's Classify Organisms • I Can Prove It! Investigating Science • Magnets • Weather • Climate and Weather • Rainforests • Floods, Dams, and Levees • Zap! It's Electricity!


ISBN 9781627172929
Languages English
Subject Science
Interest Level 3
Author Rourke

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