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Next Generation Resource Bin - Second Grade English

Next Generation Resource Bin - Second Grade English

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This bin includes: 24 Spanish language books, Teacher's User Guide, Graphic Organizers, Teacher Notes for each book with activities in Spanish, Science Projects for each lesson, Journal Activities for each lesson, Pre- and Post Tests, Correlations to the Next Generation Science Standards


Everything Under the Sun • Matters Comes in All Shapes • Natural or Man-Made? • Floating or Sinking? • Put It Together • Made of Metal • Melting Matter • What Do Critters Do in the Winter • Trees: Earth's Lungs • Seeds, Bees, and Pollen • Plants Make Their Own Food • What's on the Food Chain Menu? • So What About Soil? • Earth's Changing Surface • Oceans • Glaciers • Waterways • Where Did the Water Go? • Water World •Studying Weather and Climates • Measuring Our World • Hot and Cold • Solving Science Questions • Seeds


ISBN 9781627172684
Languages English
Subject Science
Interest Level 2
Author Rourke

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