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2019 - Nature-Inspired Innovations (Series)

Nature-Inspired Innovations (Series)

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Biomimicry involves studying the way functions are delivered in biology and then translating that into designs that suit human needs. Scientists and engineers involved in biomimicry are often referred to as "biomimics" -- people who learn from and attempt to mimic ways that nature has evolved to survive and thrive on Earth for millions of years. They study and learn from nature to create innovative designs that help solve problems in our human societies. Each book in this series explores how biomimicry is used to improve and invent helpful technologies.

Series Details

ISBN 9781641564564
Format Hardback
Languages English
Copyright 2019
Subject Science
Interest Level 4-8
Page Count subject Science48 Pages
Trim Size 7.5 x 10
Books In Collection 6
Author Rourke

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