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2019 - Ready Readers Spanish and English Nonfiction

Ready Readers Spanish and English Nonfiction

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25 early Nonfiction readers in Spanish matched with the same 25 titles in English create an excellent Dual Language classroom collection. "Bookends" include before and after reading activities. Non-fiction titles stress academic vocabulary, includes a photo glossary. Bonus workbooks and the bin are included in the kit. Each title has available a Teacher Note (lesson plan), with assessment questions and reproducible activity. Diversity of characters.Titles Include:

Snakes •Be a Helper •Favorite Games •Holiday Symbols •What is a Holiday? •Who Counts? •What Friends Do •Being Responsible •Getting Along •Need It or Want It? •Street Signs and Symbols •Water All Around •Where Does It Come From? •Celebrations Around the World •I Dig Dinosaurs! •Map Symbols •Transportation •What We Eat •Where We Live •Alike and Different •Emergency Vehicles •Neighborhood Helpers •People in the Neighborhood •What is a Season? •Who Makes Rules? •¡Desentierro dinosaurios! (I Dig Dinosaurs) •¿De dónde viene? (Where Does It Come From?) •¿Qué es un día feriado? (What is a Holiday?) •Serpientes (Snakes) •¿Qué es una estación? (What is a Season?) • ¿Quién cuenta? (Who Counts) •¿Quién pone las reglas? (Who Makes Rules?) •Agua por todas partes (Water All Around) •Ayudantes del barrio (Neighborhood Helpers) •Celebraciones alrededor del mundo (Celebrations Around the World) •En dónde vivimos (Where We Live) •Juegos favoritos (Favorite Games) •Llevarse bien (Getting Along) •Necesitarlo o quererlo (Need It or Want It) •Parecidas y diferentes (Alike and Different) •Personas en el barrio (People in the Neighborhood) •Qué comemos (What We Eat) •Qué hacen los amigos (What Friends Do) •Sé un ayudante (Be a Helper) •Señales y smbolos de tráfico (Street Signs and Symbols •Ser responsible (Being Responsible) •Símbolos de días feriados (Holiday Symbols) •Símbolos de mapas (Map Symbols) •Transporte (Transportation) •Vehículos de emergencia (Emergency Vehicles)


ISBN 9781643696140
Languages English spanish
Interest Level pre k-2
Author Rourke Educational Media

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