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2019 - Classroom Library Bin — GR 3

Classroom Library Bin — GR 3

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Develop a strong Classroom Library. Each bin contains a range of 50 carefully curated, grade level appropriate paperbacks; 40% Fiction, 60% Non-fiction; bonus workbooks, eBooks, and bin included in the kit. All titles have a Teacher Note (lesson plan) and reproducible activity available.

Titles Include:

Civic Responsibilities • Government in Your City or Town • State Government • Group Projects • All About Area • Energy All Around • Pull It, Push It • Skeletons and Exoskeletons • Stem • Flowers • Soil • Melting Matter • Gravity! Do You Feel It? • Animal Senses • Rat • Sugar Glider • Squirrels • Sunflowers • Birthday Gifts • Skydiving • Southern Atlantic Coast Region • Why Do Animals Eat That? • Social Lives of Meerkats • Social Lives of Gorillas • Wave Pools • Cotton Candy Machines • Drones • Baseball • Football • Little Red Riding Hood • The King's New Clothes• Table Wars! • Toffee with Thomas Edison • Sundaes with Harriet Tubman • Mystery of the Turtle Snatcher • Gumshoe Gang Cracks the Case • Case of the Christmas Concert Catastrophe • Curious Case of the Ransom Riddler • Power Play • This Place is a Zoo • Do Robots Get Space Sick? • Mystery at Camp Kookaburra • Moon of Deception • Space Face Off • Gas Giant Jump • Shaky, Breaky School Sleuth • Spacing Out • Case of Foul Play on a School Day • Mystery of the Pink Owl Flu • Secret of the School Suitor


ISBN 9781643692852
Languages English
Interest Level 3
Guided Reading Level n—p
Author Rourke Educational Media

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