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eRead & Report

  • Informational text e-Books with quizzes
  • Vocabulary and comprehension quizzes for every e-Book
  • Online placement tests to guide book selection
  • Detailed score reports to support data-driven instruction
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Rourke's e-Read and Report allows students to read nonfiction or fiction content online. After reading, they have the option to take a practice test to help them build Vocabulary and Comprehension skills. Here the student is tested on their Tier Vocabulary and Seven Key Comprehension Strategies. Tests for students who read at or below the 3rd-grade level are provided visual and audio support to improve learning. Students who read above the 3rd-grade level are provided additional vocabulary words; including the important Tier 3 Science vocabulary.

After the test, the scores are added to the student's folder and reviewed by the teacher. Reviewing student results provides teachers with details helping the guide a students instruction.

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