Our Real World Connections bins are a way for students to learn and connect to the real world preparing them for college and beyond. These bins were created to assist in building content knowledge required in today's classroom in all 50 states.

Our books are created to align to CCSS, NGSS, WiDA, TEKS, and other non-CCSS states. Our titles are all leveled and packaged to accommodate both the struggling and fluent readers in your classroom. If you have a nonfiction or fiction bookroom, these titles are packaged to be portable and easily shared. For more information, review our full-line catalog.


Nonfiction, Informational Text, and Fiction to Help Build Content Knowledge.All Sets Include:

  • 6-packs of Each Title
  • Digital Resources with E-Books
  • Teacher's Resource Guide
  • Individual Teaching Notes
  • Parent Student Connections
  • Portable Shelf-Ready Bin
Real World Connections - Math Image

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