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Classroom Library Bin — GR 2

Classroom Library Bin — GR 2

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Develop a strong Classroom Library. Each bin contains a range of 50 carefully curated, grade level appropriate paperbacks; 40% Fiction, 60% Non-fiction; bonus workbooks, eBooks, and bin included in the kit. All titles have a Teacher Note (lesson plan) and reproducible activity available.

Titles Include:

Sad • Train • Helping Habitats • What's The Weather Like Today? • Natural Or Man-Made? • What's On The Food Chain Menu? • What Do Critters Do In The Winter? • Zap! It's Electricity! • Solar Systems • Seeds, Bees, and Pollen • Waterfalls • Rainbows • Clouds • Seasons Of The Tundra Biome • Trees • Earth Is Tilting! • Where Did The Water Go? • Teaming Up • Octopuses • Flying Fish • Sea Horses • Chickens • How to Start a Lemonade Stand • Reading Maps • My Life As An Early Settler • Why Do Animals Sound Like That? • Why Do Animals Sleep There? • Social Lives of Dolphins • Go-Karts • Keep Your Chin Up • Vote for Me! • Puppy Trouble • The Three Little Recyclers • Kickin' It • Monster in the Mangroves • Miguel's Family • In the Doghouse • Money Down The Drain • Run… It's a Bee! • Ready, Set, Race! • The Three Billy Goats and Gruff • The Tree Fort • A Tricky Sleepover • Wolfpack Gang Is Outta Sight! • Disaster Day • Monkey Business • Who's Right • Lizzie Little, the Sky is Falling! • Stop Arguing! • The Trouble With Trading


ISBN 9781641569026
Languages English
Interest Level 2
Guided Reading Level k—m
Author Rourke Educational Media

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