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Seeing Both Sides - SLJ Review

Seeing Both Sides - SLJ Review

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Forming opinions and creating cogent arguments are important skills for students to learn, and this series strives to develop these abilities in young readers. Each book centers on a different issue, offers two opposing sides, and asks readers to choose one. The presentation is simple. Each page features two to three sentences, which sometimes take the form of questions (“Is it fair to say a color is just for girls or boys?”). Color photos are used heavily, taking up more space than the text. At the end of each volume is a set of “Writing Tips” (which are more advanced in level than the rest of the text) to help students write an opinion paper; these prompts stress the importance of using facts rather than feelings. 

VERDICT An uncomplicated look at complicated topics, but not necessarily a must-purchase.

- School Library Journal

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