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Reptiles! - School Library Journal April 2017 Review

Reptiles! - School Library Journal April 2017 Review

Posted by rourkeeducationalmedia Admin on

Basic information about reptiles. Spreads feature one or two sentences and one photograph. Facts are limited to a mere handful, which works for the intended audience. Simple comprehension challenges are included with the text. For example, after reading that “Reptiles are cold blooded” and “Snakes are reptiles,” readers are asked: “Are they cold blooded?” This pattern, used four times per book offers learning potential, but can disrupt narrative flow. A final page applies this logic sequence to kids: “You have bones and muscles. Are you a reptile?” Some facts are broad and simplified with the age level in mind; though stating that an iguana’s tail can grow back “right away” is misleading. Full-page photographs highlight physical features effectively. Notable images include a snake skeleton, a swimming turtle, and hatching alligators. VERDICT Decent introductions for collections that serve young readers.
—School Library Journal, April 2017

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