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Let's Explore Science - Booklist Review

Let's Explore Science - Booklist Review

Posted by Rourke Educational Media Admin on

Using lots of photos, eye-catching page layouts, and an engaging tone, these titles in the Let's Explore Science series tackle a wide variety of topics. From the chemical process of photosynthesis to the myriad ways plants are used for everything from food to building materials, Edible Sunlight comprehensively covers the vital role plants play in ecology. Poop Is Power!, the most successful of the bunch, entertainingly addresses how waste, human and otherwise, can be converted into energy. Though the tone is lighthearted and the gross-out factor is undeniable, the author keeps the focus solidly on the clearly articulated concepts. In Really Rotten Truth about Composting, the author expounds on the benefits of small and large-scale composting while also explaining nutrient cycles and the dangers of food waste and crowded landfills. Activities encouraging at-home composting are helpful, but kids without outdoor spaces or gardens might be puzzled by what to do with their black gold. Tools of the Trade, though at times a bit dry, provides a helpful overview of the variety of tools scientists use to conduct experiments, though a misidentified electron microscope is confusing. With thoughtful page design, comprehensive discussion of the topics, and fairly unusual activities to encourage critical thinking, these inviting titles will make a great addition to science classrooms. 

–Booklist, May 2016 


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