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Leaders Like Us - Booklist - April 2023

Leaders Like Us - Booklist - April 2023

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The latest additions to the Leaders like Us series give readers a chance to dig into the stories of two inspiring Asian American figures. In Grace Lee Boggs, readers meet this Chinese American activist who became involved in many grassroots causes, from affordable housing to civil rights to women’s rights. The text follows Boggs from a childhood marked by poverty to her academic successes and long career in community activism. Philip Vera Cruz looks at an activist from the Philippines, who fought for farmworkers’ rights in California. The book describes Cruz’s ambition to be a “Fountain-pen boy” (a scholarship student in the U.S.), the derailment of his plans, and his pivotal role as a union organizer during the Delano Grape Strike. Both titles touch on the racism Boggs and Cruz faced during their lives but keep their primary focus on the hard work and achievements of each. The series features colorful, inviting illustrations as well as thoughtful front and back matter, which include pre-reading questions and activities to help readers navigate the text, a time line, reading- comprehension questions, extension activities, and advice on how to close-read the text. These biographies of relatively unsung heroes are perfect for history lessons or for those who want to learn more about the importance of activism and having a voice.

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