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It Changed the World - School Library Journal - April 2020

It Changed the World - School Library Journal - April 2020

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This series shows how these major inventions have impacted human history. Not only did airplanes revolutionize travel, they also made everything faster—movement of goods, fertilization of fields, and warfare. Space exploration not only allowed people to learn more about Earth’s atmosphere, but it produced some of the biggest advances in technology thanks to NASA research. Electricity is now a familiar power source, but keeping food edible and unspoiled was extremely difficult without it. These books highlight the importance of thinking outside the box and how competition and innovation lead to monumental advances for all humans. Of course, challenges are addressed too—combustion engines have increasingly harmed the environment, but the next innovator reading these books could help change that. ­VERDICT Crisp presentation of important facts; a great first purchase for most libraries.


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