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Insects As… - SLJ November 2016 Review

Insects As… - SLJ November 2016 Review

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Each book in this intriguing series explores the ways insects impact the planet. Generally clear descriptions of processes like decomposition and pollination include basic science information and then move to specific examples of the insects in action. Quick jumps from one topic to the next may challenge readers, and some subjects are introduced without sufficient background, but the parade of interesting facts and broader concepts will be new to many readers. Information about recent scientific research, including up-to-date data, adds further depth. For example, in Decomposers, the cockroach “force boost” research was published in 2015. Most pages feature a photo of at least a half-page, with varied focuses to match the topic. Images in Predators, for example, are all about the animals, while Producers and Healers mix insect photos with people and places with which they interact. However, the lack of captions makes a few photos potentially confusing. 
VERDICT Mostly successful introductions with engaging information.
—School Library Journal, November 2016



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