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Engineering Wonders - Booklist Review

Engineering Wonders - Booklist Review

Posted by Rourke Educational Media Admin on

Although bridges, the Great Wall, pyramids, and skyscrapers are marvelous feats, the titles in the Engineering Wonders series show how these structures began more as problems to solve than the visions of beauty they became. Filled with accessible text and a plethora of colorful examples from around the world, the individual books address the topic at hand rather than conform to a cookie-cutter series template. Bridges offers the similarities and differences among six types of bridges, including suspension, truss, and cantilever, in addition to important factors to consider—primarily weight—when building a bridge. Great Wall of China describes its symbolism and changing construction under numerous emperors as well as the difficulties, most notably death, during different phases of construction. Pyramids of Egypt explains the purpose of these structures and the meticulous engineering achieved with ancient tools. Skyscrapers and Towers presents materials and design techniques used to counter such forces as wind speed, gravity, and weight to make these buildings structurally sound, along with sustainable designs that allow them to be built higher and higher. Sidebars throughout relate interesting facts and ideas to consider, while a concluding time line, glossary, list of websites, and comprehension questions reinforce the content. An inspiring blend of history and STEM.

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