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Communities Near and Far - Booklist Review - April 2022

Communities Near and Far - Booklist Review - April 2022

Posted by Rourke Educational Media Admin on

This careful breakdown of the variety of factors that can contribute to our understanding of what community means is refreshing and much-needed. It begins with prereading activities to build on prior knowledge and introduce vocabulary terms. Suggestions for during-reading and postreading extension activities add to the pedagogic scope. The concept of a community is addressed broadly, starting with what a global community means, through infographics and data charts that break down technical information into accessible chunks. Subsequent sections address racial diversity and ways to think about the various demographic terms that define us, narrowing the focus of community at the national, state, and neighborhood levels. Important topics such as red-lining, housing segregation, and unfair mortgage practices are also included. An attractive layout, colorful pictures, and a conversational narrative tone make for an appealing middle-level classroom addition.




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