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2019 - Makerspace Collection

Makerspace Collection

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Develop a great set of Makerspace ideas; hands-on activities will have students applying their creativity and reading skills. Each bin contains a range of 30 carefully curated, grade level appropriate nonfiction paperbacks; bonus workbook, eBooks, and bin included in the kit. All titles have a Teacher Note (lesson plan) and reproducible activity available.

Titles Include:

Birthday Gifts • Father's Day Gifts • Holiday Gifts • Mother's Day Gifts • Valentine's Day Gifts • Circuitry and Electronics • Craft and Design 3-D • Moving Machines • Video Animation and Photography • Coding Creations • Fashion Design • Smartphone Movies • Upcycled Gifts and Gadgets • Miniature Robots • Movie Props and Special Effects • Model Makers • Simple Science Projects • Music: The Sound of Science • Science in Motion • Goo Makers • Gross Science Projects • How to Bake a Cake • How to Build a Bird House • How to Grow a Garden • How to Make a Kite • How to Start a Lemonade Stand • How to Make a Terrarium • How to Make an Ant Farm • How to Make a Pi√±ata • How to Build Box Cars and Trucks


ISBN 9781643696317
Languages English
Author Rourke Educational Media

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