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2019 - Guided Reading Level Collection Q-T

Guided Reading Level Collection Q-T

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This collection includes: 234 student books (6 copies of 39 titles), 39 Classroom Connections (1 per title), "Getting Started" instruction sheet with title list, Storage bags with GRL stickers, Storage boxes, USB with 39 eBook and 39 Classroom Connections, 30 FREE Bookmarks


Matt Damon • Ankylosaurus Hadrosaurus Stenonychosaurus ATVs Dirt Bikes Jeeps • Trucks Ants Are Farmers! And Other Strange Facts • Cows Eat Chicken! And Other Strange Facts Crows Hate People! And Other Strange Facts Plants Are Hunters! And Other Strange Facts Spiders Are Acrobats! And Other Strange Facts Vampires Can Swim! And Other Strange Facts • Auto Racers Sky Jumpers Allosaurus Triceratops • Tyrannosaurus Rex • Amphibious Vehicles Storm Chasers Military Vehicles Weather Prediction Aliens and UFOs Mysterious Disappearances Leonardo DiCaprio Natalie Portman • Pharrell Williams Earth's Place in Space Earth’s Energy Flow Deep Sea Divers Space Explorers Stunt Performers Cruise Ships Smart Cars • Dry Tortugas Gates of the Arctic Freaky Phenomena Psychic Powers

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ISBN 9781731630339
Languages English
Guided Reading Level q—t
Author Rourke Educational Media

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