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Paired Fiction and Nonfiction Paperback Collection

Paired Fiction and Nonfiction Paperback Collection

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Chapter Book Title

Nonfiction Pairing

A Tricky Sleepover Cheerleading
Birthday Gone Wrong How to Bake a Cake
Charlie's Big Break Dealing With Defeat
Evan in the Middle Your Family Tree
Field Trip Fiasco School Uniforms, Yes or No
Jaylah's Jitters Everyone Visits Family
Kickin' It Winning By Teamwork
Maddie's Pet Peeve Sugar Glider
Monster in the Mangroves Marine Biologists
Wolfpack Gang Is Outta Sight! Respecting Diversity
Case of Foul Play on a School Day Everyone Goes to School
Case of the Christmas Concert Catastrophe Skills For Social Success
Case of the Sabotaged Spaghetti STEM Jobs in Food and Nutrition
Case of the Uncrackable Code Winning By Working
Curious Case of the Ransom Riddler STEM Jobs with Cars
Gumshoe Gang Cracks the Case Winning By Waiting
Mystery of the Pink Owl Flu Skills For School Success
Mystery of the Turtle Snatcher Seasons Of The Freshwater Pond Biome
Secret of the School Suitor Winning By Giving
Shaky, Breaky School Sleuth Group Projects
A Vacation in Ruins Reading Maps
An Artful Escape A Look At Renaissance Art
Cairo, Camels, and Chaos Pyramids of Egypt
From Pizza to Pisa STEM Guides To Maps
Grand Theft Safari STEM Guides To Travel
Isle of Enchantment STEM Jobs with the Environment
Monster Island Paleontologists
Mountains, Monsoons, and Mules A Listen To World Music
Peace, Love, and K-Pop STEM Jobs in Music
Walking the Dragon's Back Great Wall of China
Apple Pie with Amelia Earhart Airplanes
Brownies with Benjamin Franklin Dropping In On Philadelphia
Cookies with Clara Barton Epic Civil War Battles
Dessert with Daniel Boone Indigenous Peoples
Doughnuts with Francis Scott Key The American Flag
Gingerbread with Abigail Adams The White House
Ice Cream with Albert Einstein How to Make Ice Cream
Milkshakes with Maria Mitchell Astronomers
Sundaes with Harriet Tubman The Underground Railroad
Toffee with Thomas Edison Waves of Light and Sound


ISBN 9781681916705
Author Rourke

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