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2016 - STEM Plus - Sixth Grade - English

STEM Plus - Sixth Grade - English

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This Unit includes: Teacher's Resource Guide, Teacher's User Guide and P.D., Activity Booklet, Testing Booklet, Grade Level Pre- and Post Test Assessment, Unit Assessments, Correlations Booklet, 4-packs of 10 titles for a total of 40 print books, e-Book versions of all 10 titles with unlimited building use license, and 1 Digital Resource Materials USB

Unit 1: Exploring Science
Unit 2: Forces and Interactions
Unit 3: Energy Conservation and Transformation
Unit 4: Earth's Place in the Universe
Unit 5: The Role of Water in Our Daily Life
Unit 6: Atmospheric and Oceanic Condition
Unit 7: Cells Structure and Process
Unit 8: Heredity and Variation Traits
Unit 9: Earth's Natural Resources and Human Impacts
Unit 10: Exploring Science and Engineering Practices


ISBN 9781683420811
Languages English
Subject Science
Interest Level 6
Author Rourke

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