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Biome Beasts - School Library Journal - November 2019

Biome Beasts - School Library Journal - November 2019

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After a general introduction to the featured biome, including a location map, numerous animals from the environment are pictured and described. Different varieties of each biome are neatly grouped into separate chapters. Freshwater Pond Animals, for example, looks at animals that live on the bottom of a pond, in the middle, on the surface, and at the edges. Each book highlights at least 10 creatures, providing a few selected facts. In some cases just a single attribute is noted, such as the caribou’s migration pattern. Other profiles examine multiple attributes; a spread on argali sheep, for instance, mentions herds, diet, and coats. Photographs provide solid support, with varied layouts and views that highlight the animal and its environment.

VERDICT Brief, but engaging information makes this a good choice for browsers


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