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STEM+ for the 21st Century


STEM+ for the 21st Century

This is a research-based program for grades 6-8 composed of science informational texts and instructional materials. 

The Program is designed to teach standards-based science content while simultaneously building literacy and language skills to meet the needs of diverse student populations:
• Dual Language Learners
• English Language Learners (ELLs)
• Striving Readers

Students may continue the development of their first language through dual language instruction or in models that include any level of native language support.

STEM+ Brochure


Unit 1: Exploring Science
Unit 2: Forces and Interactions
Unit 3: Energy Conservation and Transformation
Unit 4: Earth’s Place in the Universe
Unit 5: The Role of Water in Our Daily Life
Unit 6: Atmospheric and Oceanic Condition
Unit 7: Cells Structure and Processes
Unit 8: Heredity and Variation of Traits
Unit 9: Earth’s Natural Resources and Human Impacts
Unit 10: Exploring Science and Engineering Practice

Unit 1: Collecting Data and Making Observations
Unit 2: Matter and Its Interaction
Unit 3: The Solar System and the Role of Gravity
Unit 4: Plate Tectonics and System Interactions
Unit 5: Natural Disasters
Unit 6: Earth and Human Activity
Unit 7: History of Life on Earth
Unit 8: Ecosystems and Biodiversity in a Changing World
Unit 9: The Process of Photosynthesis
Unit 10: Combining Solutions for Project Design

Unit 1: Meanings and Functions in Science
Unit 2: Discovering Atoms and Molecules
Unit 3: Forces, Motion, and Energy
Unit 4: All About Waves
Unit 5: Atmospheric and Oceanic Conditions
Unit 6: History of Earth: Geoscience Processes
Unit 7: Human Impact on the Environment
Unit 8: Genetics and Reproduction
Unit 9: Sensory Nervous Receptors
Unit 10: STEAM and Scientists at Work

Each Unit Includes:

— 100 page Teacher's Resource Guide 

— Teacher's User Guide and P.D. 
• Unit Plans/Language Development Strategies, 7E Learning Cycle in Science, 21st Century Skills

— Activity Booklet 

  — Testing Booklet 
• Grade Level Pre and Post Test Assessment
• Unit Assessments 

  — Correlations Booklet
• Units are aligned to national and state standards. 

  — 4-packs of 10 titles for a total of 40 print books. 

  — e-Book versions of all 10 titles with unlimited building use license. 

  — 1 Digital Resource Materials USB

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