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Next Generation Science Program


Next Generation Science Bins

Rourke's NGSS Resource Bins are a supplemental resource for grades K-5 that support schools as they are integrating STEM into their science curriculum. Each lesson sequence is correlated to an NGSS standard and integrates CCSS ELA standards as well.

• Each grade level resource bin is available in English, Spanish, or both English and Spanish for dual language programs.

• Each grade level bin includes 24 lesson sequences grouped into units, giving a year's worth of instruction.

• All lesson sequences use the 7 E Learning Model of Establish Background Knowledge, Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate, and Extend.

• In addition to mini-labs, each lesson sequence includes differentiated Language Development reproducibles, a Journal Activity, a Student Activity reproducibles, and a Home-School Connection science project.

• The NGSS Resource Bins are designed for whole class or small group instruction.

Next Generation Science Resource Bins Brochure

NGSS Correlations to WIDA   Grade 3 Sample


Our Classroom Science bin includes a robust teaching guide that can be used for leveled science instruction, beginning, intermediate, or advanced OR standards based unit instruction.

The bin include 24 titles each aligned to a specific standard and grade level. There are four copies of each titles, 96 books in all, for group instruction.

We have include in this bin a CD that has ALL of the materials as e-content INCLUDING an ebook for each print title. This should make it quick and easy to deliver reproducibles throughout the classroom. And if the CD gets lost or damaged, we will replace it at no charge.

Resource Bin Includes:

— 1 Teacher's Guide Binder that includes:
• 1 At A Glance Overview
• 1 User's Guide
• 1 pre-test and post-test assessment with answer guide
• 24 NGSS correlated lesson sequence teacher notes 
• 72 differentiated (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) student language development black line masters
• 24 journal activities
• 24 book specific student activity black line masters
• 24 home-school science projects
• 50 graphic organizers and black line masters 
• NGSS grade level correlation

— 4-packs of 24 titles for a total of 96 print books

— e-Book versions of all 24 titles

— 1 Resource Materials disc

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