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classroom book collections


Instructional Tools to Support Educational Success

From colorful fiction books to informative nonfiction collections, our Classroom Book Collections provide everything you need to create a positive and fun educational environment for young children. Our grade level-specific Reading Bins support CCSS English Language Arts Standards for literature and informational texts, presenting critical educational concepts in the form of high-interest books and reading materials targeted to all levels. Our custom Language Proficiency and Oral Language Intervention Kits support academic fluency in English. Our comprehensive programs, including our acclaimed Happy Reading, Happy Learning package, help breathe new life into classroom instructions, making learning fun for grade levels Kindergarten through middle school.

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STEM+ for the 21st Century

The Rourke STEM+ Dual Language Curriculum (English and Spanish) for grades 6-8 focuses on providing teachers with the necessary tools to develop globally competent students for the 21st Century.

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Social Studies Dual Language Learning Centers

Rourke’s NEW K-2 Social Studies Dual Language Learning Centers are a home-run for young readers who must understand community, citizenship, economics, culture, and friendship. Specifically built to align to TEKS, CCSS, and WiDA, this program fits nationally and delivers the skill sets for success in life. These learning centers are also available in paired Spanish language bringing the community studies home and getting the family involved for a well-rounded approach.

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Next Generation Reading Program

Rourke’s Next Generation Reading Bins support independent and group readings for grades K-5. Each bin supports Next Generation science standards and features informational text and features that support and inspire readers. Teacher’s notes and graphic organizers are provided with each bin.

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Real World Connections Bins

Our Real World Connections bins offer students an opportunity to learn and connect to the real world preparing them for college and beyond. These bins were created to build content knowledge required in today’s classroom in every state. Our books align to CCSS, NGSS, WiDA, TEKS, and other non-CCSS states. The titles are leveled and packaged to accommodate both the struggling and fluent readers in your classroom. Perfect for your bookroom, portable and easily shared.

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Happy Reading, Happy Learning

In this dual language program, the catchy, creative songs of Dr. Jean and Dr. Holly help to build a strong educational foundation for young children. The collection includes 30 sing-along titles, with developmental concepts that include alphabet knowledge, phonemic awareness, oral language and vocabulary, visual memory, listening comprehension, and rapid naming.

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Early Childhood

From colorful books that introduce and reinforce key concepts and vocabulary to audio and musical components, these early childhood collections support active learning and promote children’s progress in all developmental areas. Beautiful full color nonfiction and illustrated fiction books, Practical subject matter for Our Bodies, Social Skills, and Science.

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