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At Rourke Educational Media, our collection of resources is designed to help you build a dynamic, 21st century library and media center, all while helping your students to achieve success. From traditional Library Bound books and technology and assessment tools to e-books and reference sets—and with the added benefit of easy ordering and reordering options—we have all the tools and services you need to run an engaging library that fosters learning and creativity. Rourke Educational Media is dedicated to supporting you in the most important task of all: Helping students to learn and grow.

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Librarians' Corner


Libraries Supporting Student Achievement

In 2014 Rourke Educational Media created “Libraries Supporting Student Achievement” with the purpose of helping libraries remain relevant in todays teaching and learning space. As we all know, librari...

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Thanks to everyone for coming out to see us at ALA 2014. This year we had a FREE book drawing for all of our new titles, one for English and one for our new Spanish library bound books. And the winner...

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Welcome Librarians!

Looking to stay current on the latest in technology innovation, reading lists, or e-book trends? Whether you work in a school library, public library, or technology department, Rourke has the resource...

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Time For A Trim

Laugh along with the barnyard critters as they worry and fret over getting haircuts. Jennifer Reed's Little Birdie Leveled Reader (1-2) is a delightful way to learn about farm animals and the peo...

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Medical Technology and Engineering

Are your 4th through eighth graders studying health and the human body this spring? Really bring STEM into the classroom with Carla Mooney’s newest Let’s Explore Science title, Medical Technology and ...

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Little World Biographies

Rourke Educational Media brings you and your students the best in nonfiction. Our newest series, Little World Biographies, connects students with a diverse range of talented and inspiring people, many...

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Meet the Author


Mari Schuh

Mari Schuh is the author of more than 200 nonfiction books for beginning readers, covering topics from tomatoes to tornadoes. She has presented at the West Virginia Book Festival and has written numer...

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Annette Whipple

Annette Whipple learned to love science first as a student and then as a teacher. In addition to writing for children, she has also written for adult audiences including her blogs and a magazine artic...

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Jeff Barger

Jeff Barger is a literacy specialist, children’s literature blogger, and nonfiction author. He has been working in North Carolina public schools for twenty-five years. His blog, NC Teacher Stuff, has ...

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Transportation and Me - Booklist Review

Readers take flight in this Transportation and Me! series title, which follows a young African American girl on a plane ride from takeoff to touchdown, conveniently skipping over the hassle of navigat...

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STEAM Every Day - Booklist Review

The colorful books in the STEAM Every Day series point out how science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts influence the development and design of products today. Each book opens with a textb...

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Twist in Time - Booklist Review

Most everyone in Roarington is excited about the dinosaur discovery in town—no one more so than the kids in Paisley and Ben’s fifth-grade class. Filled with dinosaur fever, they stage a dig in the sch...

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