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VROOM! Hot Cars - SLJ November 2016 Review

Posted on October 21, 2016

Some of the hottest sports car available today are highlighted in this sleek series, which delivers strong content, impressive details, and eye-popping images to young car fanatics. Within each book, readers learn about the history of the vehicle, how it has developed over time, and what improvements are under consideration going forward. While the coverage “comes standard,” the extras, specifically the sheer amount of car-specific facts, will leave readers impressed. The authors don’t shy away from using proper terminology or from including data such as gas tank size and percentage of sold Ferraris that are red. The gorgeous photos steal the show, though; the striking images are attractive, but they also give readers a driver’s view of the many interior and exterior features that make these cars so special. 
VERDICT This superb set delves deeper than similar books and will resonate with car buffs and struggling readers. Highly recommended.

—School Library Journal, November 2016