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e-Learning Programs

In the classroom and at home, our collection of digital e-books and interactive e-books bring content to life for students of all grade levels.

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English Language Learners

Browse our wide selection of oral language and proficiency kits designed to make learning English intuitive—and fun.

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Classroom Book Collections

Our integrated books and support materials correlate with CCSS and NSTA standards, helping to guide students in every grade level and subject.

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Early Childhood Education

From sing-along titles to thematic kits, our early childhood collections keep children wiggling, giggling, and learning all year long.

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e-Learning Applications

Discover our array of web-based learning tools and e-books designed to make learning interactive, engaging, and best of all, effective.

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Learn about Common Core Standards

For educators and parents alike, we’ve simplified Common Core State Standards and distilled the information into a comprehensive guide. Learn more about the foundations and browse our recommended curricula for Mathematics and English Language Arts.

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Seasonal Ideas

Tomi and Marisol are always up for an adventure, which is a good thing when your parents are traveling scholars. And this time, the twins are taking on Mexico!

Marisol and Tomas always seem to stumble into some trouble. This time, Aunt Bernadette is coming along to keep an eye on them while their dad researches the Mayan ruins – and she’s bringing a whole new set of rules along with her. No junk food. Schoolwork gets done. Yoga in the morning. Groan. The twins aren’t sure at first they will survive this trip with their strict, health-food loving aunt. But there’s a chance they may not survive it without her.

Adventure books with longer, complex sentences, rich vocabulary, and minimal illustrations are perfect for fluent readers.

  • Explores cultures and countries around the world
  • Addresses social issues such as friendships, family, and growing up
  • Extensive back matter